1:1 Life and Leadership Coaching

Whether you lead people, projects, or your own day-to-day activities, each day is a chance to live and lead your life to its fullest. Yet we often get so caught up in being busy that we forget to give time and attention to critical areas, and we end up with gaps that create a feeling of discontent. Life and leadership coaching is not just about achieving the elusive work-life balance; it’s about identifying our gaps, our future self, and achieving those unfulfilled dreams. It’s about creating a life where we have more joy and passion than fear and frustration. If this sounds too good to be true, we need to talk because the life I’m describing is possible and you can choose to pursue it! We’ll work 1:1 to create and take the steps that lead you in the right direction at home, at work, and in life. Together we’ll uncover and overcome the inner critic that tells you “you can’t do it” and build up the inner champion who says, “I can, and I will!”.

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Team Connection Workshops

Working on or leading a team can be a blast. It can also be a challenge when members are struggling to align and connect. The problem can appear to be personalities or differing opinions, but it’s often just a lack of understanding and appreciation for one another. That’s why building awareness of self and others can be so helpful. When we know our unique value and the value of those around us, we are more likely to be appreciative, see opportunities, and create ways to overcome hurdles together. Without insight and awareness, a team is at risk of focusing on “me” rather than “we.” Wherever your team is today, you can all start to appreciate and understand each other more through a series of assessments and workshops designed to build connections and true collaboration.

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Group Coaching

We can all use a little support, encouragement, and accountability to keep us moving forward, yet sometimes that’s hard to find. Friends and family may want what’s best for us, but they’re not always the right people to help. In group coaching, we create a safe, judgment-free environment of like-minded people striving for their goals and dreams. Each person sets their unique plan, and together we share ideas, encourage growth, and support one another. We hold each other accountable for stepping out of our comfort zones and moving towards living our whole life. Like 1:1 coaching, group coaching can go deep and deliver insights that reveal new thoughts and choices. There are individual activities and exercises between sessions as well as opportunities for additional 1:1 coaching. If you could benefit from working with a coach and a group of like-minded people, group coaching is for you!

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Years ago, a speaker at a women’s event changed my life with her story. It wasn’t the main headline for her talk or even a three-point “how-to” that got me – it was a casual comment she made that just hit home, and I’ve never forgotten it. I believe our lives are full of moments and insights that need to be shared because we never know who’s in the audience, ready and waiting to hear just what we have to say. Whether speaking to a small or large group, individually or as part of a panel, I’d love to share more about how incredible it can be to uncover your unique strengths, reclaim your dreams, and live a life worthy of your calling. Learn how you can dismiss that nagging voice that keeps you in confusion, doubt, and imposter syndrome. You’ll leave feeling empowered and ready to take the next step towards your fabulous future self! 

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